Digital Delivery

[bgsection pex_attr_title=”After your Session” pex_attr_subtitle=”How to Navigate your Gallery” pex_attr_undefined=”undefined” pex_attr_style=”section-light2″ pex_attr_bgcolor=”ffffff” pex_attr_image=”” pex_attr_imageopacity=”0.1″ pex_attr_bgimagestyle=”static” pex_attr_titlecolor=”252525″ pex_attr_textcolor=”777777″ pex_attr_height=””]Technology changes so quickly and I am all about trying to embrace it! The past few months I have started to integrate a new and exciting way for clients to receive their images. Gone are the days of waiting for your disk to arrive (or having to wait longer if the mailman loses it), finally receiving your disk and not having a good way to share your images with friends and family that don’t live close by, or popping it into your computer one day only to find it is suddenly corrupted. Your pictures are obviously important to you (otherwise you wouldn’t have them taken 🙂 ), they shouldn’t sit in a desk drawer on a disk that no one will ever see. Share them with everyone! Print them, and put them throughout your home! And have the peace of mind that you have the digital files in the event you want to share on your blog or Facebook or want to change out the wall art out frequently. All those problems are now solved and I am really excited to now be offering images via digital delivery.

Now, what exactly does this mean you ask?

My clients will now receive a password protected gallery with their images. From there you can share with your friends and family by simply sending them the link and password, or easily pull up your gallery on your phone/or ipad to show them off while away from home. You are able to easily download the images from your session right to your computer, your husband’s computer, and your mother can even download them to hers (which means you don’t have to burn her a disk, or make a trip to the post office with grumpy kids that don’t want to be there (seriously the worst place with children.) There is even an option to order your prints right from the gallery and better yet they ship right to your home (once again, you don’t have to leave the house!)

Check out a few tips below on how your gallery works and what it will look like!

1. Upon receiving your gallery link, you also will be given a password. Enter the password when you see this screen.


2. Password entered! Onto the photos! This is a preview of what your gallery will look like! There are a few very important buttons to take note of here. The far left button (shopping cart) will access your shopping cart. The middle button (the heart) allows you to save your favorite images and then share them with me or friends and family. The far right button is your Download Icon. Click this to download your entire session to your computer. 


3. When you click on that download icon, here is the screen you’re gong to see. Downloading your session is easy! Enter your email, and then enter the download code (a 4 digit numeric code you will receive in the email with your link and password) and hit enter.


4. The next screen will look like this. If you have a family, child, baby session you probably will only have one check box. If you booked a wedding then you might have 2-4 different galleries (engagements, bridals, wedding, reception for example.) Click on the ones you would like to download (sometimes depending on how many photos there are it might make you download 1-2 galleries at a time.) Then click start download. VERY IMPORTANT: make sure either high resolution or Original is selected, web size will not be sufficient for print quality. 


5. Click on a picture. It will pull up a larger version of that photo. At the top your will notice you can share it (Facebook, twitter, etc.), view a slideshow of your gallery, favorite the image for later, or purchase prints of that photo with the “Buy Photo” link. 


6. Favorites. Sometimes you want to save an image you love so you can print it later. Or you want to share those photos with friends or family so they can help you decide which ones to print. Just enter your email, and click on the heart on the image you love (will pop up in the right bottom corner when you hover over that image, or click the photo and then the heart above the photo.) 

Easy right!? And it looks nice so you can share your photos to your heart’s content. All you have to do to pull up on your phone or ipad, enter your gallery link and the password. That is it. No apps to download.

One last thing, I highly recommend once the images are on your computer backing them up to another place (external hard drives are great, a free cloud storage is even better because they can’t crash.) A few places with free storage are Dropbox and Amazon Cloud Drive.