Early on in my career I tried to do one of these, and failed miserably haha. It is really hard to do one photo a day. Why I don’t know because that really doesn’t seem like much. Without going into detail, this past year life sorta went on autopilot. Survival mode. If you can imagine someone dragging their exhausted battered, body across the finish line of a long race, that is what I imagine myself looking like as 2015 ended. Looking back at how big my girls have gotten I am feeling like I need to make sure I soak up all the time I can with them. I feel like I missed time with them last year. And that crushes me. Autopilot got the best of me. Once I hit the new year there were some new goals I am realizing I would really like to accomplish this next year. One of them is making sure I am spending and enjoying more moments with my babies. They really are my first priority. Another is growing artistically. I’m hopeful a 365 project can not only help me grow artistically, but also document this beautiful time in my life with little tiny ones at home. No matter how exhausting or messy it might be 🙂


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