6 months? I cannot believe it. It has gone so, so, so fast. I keep trying to just take in as many moments and memories as I can hoping that maybe life will just pause for a second so she will stop growing, and then another week flys by. Being a mommy is the hardest most rewarding job there is. I’ve decided all these “super parents” out there, they are either lying or I am doing something totally wrong. There is no way you’re showered, workout done, house cleaned, work finished for the day, bon bons eaten and soap opera watched before your child rolls out of bed. Im learning to embrace the things that I feel our society constantly makes us think we’re falling short on…. Oh im sorry, no she is not in classes for mandarin chinese already. She just figured out how to roll both ways. And gasp we sneak her bites of ice cream, I think she’s tried a few different flavors. Why yes, it’s 3 pm, that is pear in my hair from this morning and I still have my husbands t-shirt on. Im slowly learning that if you listen to all the “suggestions” and “requirements” that you read in books, and on websites, what to do and what not to do, this will kill them if they eat that, don’t put that paste on their butt or they will grow another arm…. eventually you will drive yourself nuts. Im in a much better place since I have started to ignore the things that just really don’t matter.

I feel so blessed to be this little girl’s mother. So, so blessed. She has the most warm, wonderful spirt and I just pray I can be the best mommy possible for her to learn and develop into the amazing person I know she will be. In the past week or so her personality has just shot through the roof. She is sassy, eager, excited, and hilarious. Jordan ask me the other day if I was sad that I would keep getting less funny the more kids we have 🙂 I’ve come to terms with it, im not sure he has (you do realize you will move down the line as well!) We have a very funny little bean, and im sure her siblings will be the same. I can’t wait to keep seeing her grow. Thanks for being ours, we love you more then anything!

A few things:

she cannot fall asleep without burying her head into me or her blanket. (yes I watch her close so she doesn’t suffocate, and we take the blanket eventually.)

she LOVES when Jordan comes home from work. No matter how exhausted she is she will giggle and play and laugh with him for at least an hour.

she likes pretty much anything we have given her to eat. Favorites are sweet potatoes, pears, and avocado.

she loves to watch sports.

she LOVES the bath.

she will put her whole foot into her mouth to chew on her toes.

she loves to stand, sit, and is getting frustrated she hasn’t figure out the crawling thing yet.

she gives kisses when you ask for them. and they are wet, slobbery perfect little kisses.

she sleeps in until 9. lucky me 🙂