NICU Stories | Utah County Newborn Photography

Some of the most amazing sessions I do are the ones in the NICU. I love being able to provide this for families that are having to wait for their little ones to come home. Those days are so long and exhausting, I think it is nice to have images of your sweet babe to peek at when you’re feeling down or anxious to be done with the hospital. It was so fun to meet this sweet girl tonight! So tiny and snuggly. Hang in there you guys 🙂 

Utah NICU Photographer

I started my day today with something wonderful. 7:30 rolled around and I went to meet my friend at the hospital to take pictures of her new baby. He and my little miss are NICU pals, he is just growing and waiting a little longer until he gets to come home. It was so great to meet this sweet little guy and document his stay there. I know some people wonder why you would want to remember a long hospital stay, but I can tell you from experience, you do. It’s part of their little story and their start to life. You want to remember that as much as them coming home. Here he is 🙂 Isn’t he so cute!