Cera {Utah County Senior Photographer}

I have photographed her other two sisters and now it’s her turn! I cannot believe it! Ready for the most ridiculous story ever, in the midst of grabbing everything for this session somehow I forgot my shoes, or should I say shoe since I currently have this huge boot on my broken foot. With it on it just feels like I already have shoes on. I had been wondering when I would actually forget since I have walked out the door a few times with my other foot bare, and it was for this session. Lucky for me, Cera and I wear the same size and she was nice enough to let me borrow her extra shoes. Haha, I am still laughing at myself. These girls are so cute, I always love taking their pictures. Location and light were both perfect, and Cera was so fun to work with. Make sure to scroll to the bottom and get a peek of Black Beauty…. her lacrosse stick. Best name ever I think! It’s beautiful, and I know it’s a beast on the field 🙂 Congrats! You’re almost done!






Lindsey {Utah County Senior Photographer}

This girl was hilarious, seriously we had such a fun time during her session! I love when seniors bring things that mean something to them, for her it was softball and she told me there were lots of memories running up and down the creek when she was a kid. Luckily, our session happened to be by a creek. And she was fearless and ended up sitting in the water. I think it’s so awesome that has a meaning to her and now she has some fun photos to go along with it. Thanks for the awesome shoot, good luck with your last year!