Well you may have noticed, the website has undergone a major overhaul, as well as the logo. At first I was a bit hesitant to dive headfirst into such a big time consuming project. Websites are so much work, and essentially if I changed it I wanted a big change. And then there is also the problem I have that sometimes, I have a really hard time with change. But I took the plunge, and I am SO glad I decided to take this on, because I am very excited about how it turned out. I think it is the first time I have felt my brand really represents me. It can be so hard to set yourself apart from so many other talented photographers. That was the single most important thing I wanted from the time spent doing this. I wanted to set myself apart.


When I sat down and decided to quit my job and stay home with my baby a few years ago, I went back and forth on what in the world my company should be called. One night I was thinking about photography, and why it is important. I thought about how to me the whole purpose of photography is to tell someones story, and to document their life and those that are close to them. The name MyStoryisArt eventually came from that.


Your story, is art. It is unique, and unlike anyone else’s.


Something I have always hated are portfolio galleries. I always felt I have to limit myself to 15 or 20 images that best represent my work in hopes someone stays on my page long enough to get to the fourth or fifth image. I never felt like my work was very well shown because you as the viewer were not getting the entire story. You were not seeing all the components that can go into a session. All my sessions are different, because all of my clients are unique. I am trying to capture something different or important for each of them. And I want people that take time to come see my website see that I do not do the same thing for every single session. If only my portfolio section could show everything, lots and lots of people, and places…..


Out with the portfolio gallery, in with lots of photographs that you can see all at once. Make sure to go check out the stories in the menu above. I think it might be my favorite part of the new site. I hope yours might be the next one on there!