A photographer on Facebook last week mentioned being in a rut (ya right her stuff is awesome!) however I can relate all too well. Maybe it is just that we stare at our own images for too long, or spend too much time comparing our work to others, or just simply don’t pick our camera up often enough. Whatever the reason may be, recently I have felt like im in a bit of a creative rut. I have seen numerous photographers complete the 365 project and I have wanted to do my own, take a photo a day for an entire year. It has always seemed pretty daunting though and I felt like I didn’t have enough interest to just take pictures of random things for a year and therefore would not complete the project. Then along came Elli. I easily take a photo a day if not more of her. And she is growing SO fast, I wish it would slow down a little bit. So I decided I would start this project and focus only on her. Not only to help me creatively to try some new things and to help myself develop as an artist, but to also document the first year of her life down to tiny details that one day I will love looking back on. I debated starting fresh this week when I decided to start the project, but I wanted it to start the day she was born to really document her first year. So I pulled pictures I had taken every day since I had her and then started doing new ones for this week. Each week I think I will post a few favorites from my project, these are my favorites so far from this week 🙂