I was so glad I got to experience this with these two. Emma and I have become friends through lacrosse trips and our love for photography (she did my birth story, which I still really need to write… five months later.) Pat I met his freshman year of college while my husband was coaching lacrosse at BYU. The first real memory I have of him is while we were away on a lacrosse trip and the host family thought they were getting four guys to share their guest house. It actually was Jordan and I (I think we had been married a couple months) plus Pat and one other guy on the team. I still laugh about that trip, such fun memories. They are such a wonderful couple and were so excited for this sweet little girl to get here.  I only documented only a fraction of the time she was actually in labor, poor Emma had a very long labor. There were some things about their story that really reminded me of when our first got here. It was sort of like watching mine on replay from an outsiders perspective and me sitting there going no! Not you too! I remember leaving the hospital and just wanting to wrap them all up in a gigantic hug and say everything will be just fine. I love and also hate that I can sympathize with those that experience a NICU stay, I know we are grateful for our experience, but it was one of the hardest things I have had to do. Im glad I could at least sort of be there for them while they dealt with it. And now I just get to gush over her cute pictures everyday 🙂 Since it’s a couple months later…. Im bad at blogging.  She is a sweet, growing, cute little thing 🙂